You will love working with Cindy Armstrong. She is fair, honest, and always gets the job done. You can trust her with your properties. As she told us (she kept our two properties rented full-time for many years and very successfully sold one of them for us) "I'll treat your property like my own." We are very lucky to have found Challe Real Estate and Cindy. She really fights hard for all her clients. What a gem!

- Jayne B


Really good company. Unfortunately I am no longer with them but they got me a good deal with the property owner and fixed most of the items I complained about (1930’s house, you know how that goes.) I would work with them again, especially Taryn.

- Cassandra S


"My husband and I have loved renting from challe real estate , we loved them so much we had cindy Armstrong the rental management company and realtor, sell us our new home. We rented with them for over 4 years and now in our home for over a yr. When we do buy a new home we will use cindy again with no question. When we moved out of one of their rentals we received our deposit back with in a few days, after they did a walk through of the property. I would definitely keep them in mind. They will treat you like family."

- Jamie A


"We rented through Challe for 2 years. I'm happy to say, (and honestly a bit surprised) that they were a wonderful company to rent from. Whenever we needed anything fixed, they took care of it as soon as possible. We took very good care of the house and also painted much of the interior to our liking. Upon moving out, they were very explicit on what they wanted done to receive a full refund of our deposits. As promised, we received our entire deposit back after taking care of everything they wanted done. That was literally the first time in my life receiving all of my deposit back from a property management company. Granted, we earned it. Thanks Challe!"

- Will L


"Just really great people to work with. Always a pleasure to work with Cindy and Taryn Armstrong."

- David B


"I have rented from Challe Real Estate for over a year and have always had a good experience with them. I recently moved to a bigger home and upon my moving out, Challe was very quick to return my security deposit and for any Damages that I know i was going to be charged for they listed them in a very nice letter and provided receipts with my Returned deposit! I recommend them to anyone that wants a small staffed company that does not want to deal with the drama of the larger Property Management Companies."

- Andrew O