Property Rental Application

Please indicate present street, city, state, and zip. Each on a new line.
Indicate home, work, cell, each on a new line.
Please indicate your Employer and Employer's Address; each on a new line.
Please indicate your lenght of employment at Employer listed above, your Position, Employer Phone #, and Your take home pay; each on a new line.
Indicate previous address: street, city, state, zip ; each on it's own line
If you've ever been convicted of a felony indicate when, and what charge.
Indicate date of eviction and property address; each on it's own line.
Indicate the names and ages of each person that will occupy the property; each person's name and their age on own line.
Indicate each automobile; make, model, and year; each auto and it's information on it's own line.
Indicate pets and types that will occupy the property; each on it's own line.

$35 Non-Refundable Process Fee

(for every occupant over 18 years of age)
will be required plus a copy of current drivers license or photo ID

* Disclaimer Signature Required *

*By signing this "Rental Application" I hereby state that the information stated is correct and hereby authorize Challe Real Estate Inc., to make inquiries necessary to evaluate for tenancy.  Including but not limited to , rental history, employment verification, credit and criminal checks.  It is acknowledged that information provided that is incomplete, inaccurate or falsified shall be grounds for denial of the application or subsequent termination upon determination.  

* Applicant's to provide information to verify rental or home ownership history for past (2) years.  Unverifiable or information obtained by family may require a co-signer or additional deposit.  

* All applications will be screened and subject to denial or co-signer requirement due to:  false Information given, history of criminal behavior, poor credit record, poor rental references, insufficient income/resources.

* All applications are screened and accepted or denied on a first come first served basis. 

* If it is deemed that a co-signer is required, co-signer will be required to complete rental application and pay associated application process fee.

* Reservation deposit will be required with-in 24 hours of acceptance of application to hold a property.

* All Challe properties will require, first months rent, security deposit's and move-in fee to be paid at the time of signing rental agreement.

Application can also be printed and mailed to or dropped off at:
Challe Real Estate
83 Swain Lane in Eugene, Oregon, 97404
(541) 688- 7023
for Faxed to:
(541) 688- 6440